Wednesday, April 21, 2010

If You Don't Do Genealogy Today ...

... then when? If you don't come to a beginning genealogy class in May ... then when?

Sure, you have lots of other things to do. But if your family history is something you've always planned to seek out, there's no better time -- and you owe it to yourself.

When you find out about your family -- or families, actually, because every generation you go back adds a new female line for each male, new stories, new surprises -- when you find out about your family you may look at yourself differently.

You may not always be proud of every action of every one of your ancestors, but you may gain understanding. Most likely you will find many actions in which to take pride -- actions never mentioned in the family but actions that show up in the records when you read between the lines.

Every Thursday is Genealogists Day Out at the Library ... where beginners and more experienced researchers alike participate in GenTalk, to share what they have found that works or what they know about a place they have researched.

Join us in May and June when we return to basics -- how to set up your genealogy, how combine searching records in person with searching online where resources grow each day no matter in which states your ancestors resided.

You can register for the free classes by calling 522-3412 ext. 240 or drop by in case there's an open seat in the classroom. Not required but helpful are basic computer experience (the library also offers free computer classes to help you get started with that) and a JCPL library card.

Here's the class schedule for May and June -- with an evening class for those who can't come during the day:
Tuesday, May 4, 6:30-8 pm -- Beginning genealogy
Thursdays, 10-11:30 am:
May 6, Beginning genealogy
May 13, Searching databases
June 10, Beginning genealogy
June 17, Searching databases

Let us know if you need a different day or time and we'll try to set up a class.

Now's the time ...