Saturday, August 15, 2009

Here's Part of the Fall Line-up ...

Ah, the katy-dids have been at chorus practice for a month. The fall season can't be far away!

Check out the library's new fall classes and programs line-up. All are free! You spend only time to start your genealogy or get back to working on it. You'll want to check the Gen-Talk discussion group as well. These sessions deal not just with Jackson County but with ancestors anywhere in the United States and sometimes abroad.

The genealogy and family history classes this fall will ask you to think like a detective as you pursue your ancestors. Two identical series of classes give you a choice of time slots - Tuesday evenings or Thursday mornings.

The first class in either series will be in the meeting room at the Seymour Library. Plan to come at either 6:30 pm Tuesday, September 15, or 10 am Thursday, September 17. We'll try to define genealogy and family history and explore investigation strategies for basic name, date and place - and beyond. We'll learn to recognize, organize and follow clues.

We'll look at hidden sources in the library's local history area and track down sources in the rest of the library's non-fiction collection. Then we'll each pick a family line to trace as each participant starts an investigation on their own before the series continues the following week.

Then, as classes move to the library's computer classroom, we'll learn to use tools to help with our searches and to think about various ways of searching while doing hands-on searches for our own lines.

Sign up today and put the classes on your calendar! Add your name to the list at the library by calling 812-522-3412 ext 243.

Genealogy/Family History Mystery Series: You Be The Detective

Seymour Library Meeting Room
6:30 pm Tuesday, September 15, or 10 am Thursday, September 17
Shaping Pieces of the Puzzle

Seymour Library Computer Classroom
Limit 9 in each series. Registration and basic computer skills required. Library card useful.
6:30 pm September 22 or 10 am September 24
Taming Tools of the Trade
6:30 pm October 6 or 10 am October 8
Earning Your Gold Shield in Genealogy
6:30 pm October 20 or 10 am October 15
Following Clues, Fitting Pieces, Finding Your Man (and Maybe Woman)

Note that the Tuesday evening series skips October 13. No, I'm not superstitious - just have another meeting that evening. You might want to tag along and investigate the genealogy interest group of the new Jackson County History Center (merged genealogical and historical societies) at 7 pm in the genealogy library at Brownstown. Ask me if you need directions - or if you have questions about the series: or 812-522-3412 ext 240.

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